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French/English Bilingual Bible

Enjoy the word of God in both French and English when you use the revolutionary bilingual Bibles from our pastors in Jacksonville, Florida. Bible Expo International is proud to announce their latest product—the parallel /bilingual Bibles.

French/English Bilingual Bible NIV

$99.99Regular Price$49.99Sale Price

French/English Bilingual Bible GNT

$71.99Regular Price$49.99Sale Price

French Bible Scofield - Hard Cover

$159.99Regular Price$99.99Sale Price

French MacArthur Bible - Brown - Leather Cover

$178.99Regular Price$112.99Sale Price

Bible  Covers

 Our 3 new design are uniquely hand stitched with smooth premium leather all around. Enhance features like double pen loops and mesh interior pockects keeps you and the word of God looking stylish. 

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